“Van-On-Demand” Ground Transportation

The Port Everglades with the support of the Broward County Commissioners designed a program that will allow them to provide additional ground transportation options to the passengers that arrive from their cruise when a private means of transportation has not been pre-arranged by the passenger; and taxis are not available to provide the first front of service in some cases with certain requirements that their vehicles are not capable of suiting the need of transportation, i.e. groups of passengers with more than three pieces of luggage or groups with more than three passengers.

The program has been created to satisfy mainly the Port’s need to debark the passengers that arrive via the cruise lines that dock at the Port Everglades promptly and expeditiously; while allowing legally permitted vans to benefit monetarily with no financial retribution or contribution to the county or Port other than what owners pay for their permits to transport passengers for hire by moving these passengers out of the port to their destinations with no prior arrangement requirements as per Broward County LLV permit guidelines; therefore, all participants are allowed to do business at the Port Everglades at their own will and are required to follow the rules, regulations, laws, policies and instructions provided through the managing members of the program whom have been appointed to serve as liaison between the Port and County Authorities and those companies that provide to participate under the clear understanding that their sole responsibility is to transport passengers from the Port to their final destinations with professionalism, courtesy, and above all safety.

In order to have the privilege to participate under the program’s blanket, candidates are required to register their company, vehicle(s) and driver(s) with the group’s administration personnel. Any company that has obtained the Broward county luxury limousine van permit through their application process, as well as any driver that possesses a Broward County “hack license” may participate on the days of operations designated by Port Everglades authorities. Your participation is not a right, but a PRIVILEGE and as such a condition before you, you have the right to choose whether you participate under the program’s rules or you have no obligation to participate at all if you disagree with any or all of the rules that govern the program, therefore, you are hereby notified that your participation is “At will”, which allows you to participate for as long as you feel the program fulfills your business standards and of course does not interfere with any of your business, civil, religious duties or privileges be they what they may.

Again, your permit does not entitle you to the right of participating in the program, but it does give you the privilege to register in order to participate and you must be clear that you are free to come and go as you please with no expectancy of responsibility to be present or does your attendance need to be consistent with the operation day of ships in port, moreover, you are not required to be at the port if there are no ships in port. However, it is very important that you understand that the program has implemented rules that you are required to follow at all times while you are staged at the lot, terminal and especially when you are transporting passengers to their final destination. On that same token you are also responsible for any and all drivers as well as the vehicles that participate in the program under your company name, therefore, any incidents will be discussed with the driver as well as with the owner, but your company will have the final impact for their actions.

The members of “Van On Demand” ground transportation program have empowered the administrators with the successful design of a software that envisions the use of technology at its basic to gather information in order to conduct the daily operation and it begins with a simple creation of a user profile that requires basic information such as your names, contact information and then guides the user through the type of status you will hold in the program, i.e., company owner, dispatcher or driver. Once the system has understood the purpose of your profile, it will lead you to provide further information according to that status, i.e., Hack license, company name and contact information, vehicle, etc. We invite any candidate to visit us at Port Everglades to meet with the administrating members of the program to assist with further information of the registration process, rules, dress code, etc.

You may also visit our website where you will find general information about the program, newsletters, ship itinerary, etc., but we encourage everyone to visit us and have a face-to-face conversation with the administrators to provide you with some assistance if necessary with the process of registration or understanding further the purpose of the program’s presence at the Port Everglades. As this will give you the opportunity to grasp in person the environment you are considering being a part of and you can befriend other drivers or company owners that can give you their perception on their understanding of the benefits the program provides. Thus far, Port Everglades officials have established that the program is allowed to operate solely when there are three ships or more in port; therefore, you must consider this before you venture to visit us. You may however, send us questions or concerns to:, because of the limits on operation days established by Port authorities, we are subject to operate under those circumstances and therefore, can reply to e-mails or meet with candidates during those days and between 5 am through 12 pm